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We’ve Already Arrived

Stephen in Warrior Pose in Pathos

Here I am in Warrior 4 Pose, from a wonderful Pathos sunset by the beautiful Orthodox church, at sunset point. It’s not a new pose but it’s a powerful one, great for working on those crucial protective back and core muscles, as well as our balance, and the elasticity of the standing leg. With hands clasped it has the feeling of flowing, evening flying, dynamically towards our goal. In our youth we are encouraged to pass exams and chalk up achievements. As university meets the university of life, we discover that those achievements don’t necessary prepare us for life’s challenges, which are more about getting on with people, and being resilient, humble, and optimistic, despite the tough realities of life. Struggling to survive, we begin to wonder how it is possible to thrive, and we soon realise that if we’re not enjoying the journey, we’re missing the point of life. As dreams come and go, some realised, some not, it becomes clearer and clearer, that happiness is in the pursuit, not the arrival, the journey, not the destination, and that what we want is either here and now, or never. If our happiness depends on fame and fortune, which is here today and gone tomorrow, we realise it’s on sandy ground, and so we look for what lasts and what is constant. It dawns on us that we ourselves are the constant in our life, and so we begin the journey of self-realisation, redirecting the light of our consciousness inwards. We see this journey reflected in all the great spiritual traditions of the world, and traditions such as yoga help us to structure our search in a way that works. We soon discover that when we still the body, we have an active mind, and when through meditation, we still the mind, we have a flowing heart, and when we flow in that river of absorption, we discover we have a glowing soul, which is here, there, and everywhere, peaceful, loving, and wise.


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