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Excerpt from Stephen's book showing the yoga sequence he uses in his Hatha Yoga class

Tuesday Night Hatha Yoga

Culcheth Methodist Church Hall
Ellesmere Road WA3 4BJ
Tuesday 20.00-21.30
Every week - walk-in class

One class only £5

No prebooking required. 

Payment in class - all methods available
Every 9th Class Free!


Yoga on every week now

until August break 2024

What To Expect

  • Every Yoga class is taught by Stephen with over 2 decades experience teaching yoga. My background includes 14 years training with Maha Mai who was taught by Satyananda Saraswati of Bihar in India, regular annual retreats in India, and a month long residential intensive teaching qualification with the Sivananda Yoga school. 




  • Every class is mixed ability. You simply need to be able to stand, sit on the floor, lie on your front, and lie on your back.​

  • Every class includes meditation, flowing warm-ups, holding poses, and relaxation at the end. 

  • The holding sequence includes reclined relaxing holds, standing poses, sitting poses, prone back bends, and supine invertions - as you can see from my book excerpt above.

  • Each class maintains a core sequence but adds variety and interest by practising different yoga flows, and variations.




  • I vary each class depending on who is in the class and what will be most helpful and suitable.




  • Every class you will do forward bends, backward bends, spinal twists, lateral stretches, some form of inversion, and possible hand balances depending on the students.




  • I've designed this sequence to be as all inclusive as possible, to stretch each student, to physically extend everyone, whilst giving you the experience of deep relaxation and meditation in accordance with the contemplative Hatha Yoga tradition. 




  • My class is all inclusive regarding beleif systems, sex, race and gender. ​​

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