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Shine Bright, Glowing Light

Stephen in Headstand Pathos at Pathos

Here I am in headstand diamond legs variation, bathed in light, one Pathos sunset. On the 4th July the British people voted for change and a new government by a landslide, and Rishi Sunak, the first British Asian Prime Minister, who by amazing synchronicity was appointed on the day of Diwali, immediately accepted his government’s defeat with grace and dignity—something that unbelievably the last defeated President of the USA refuses to do. Democracy matters because without it the light of individual freedom, and with it the human spirit, is extinguished, and we should celebrate and defend the steps our culture has taken to liberate human potential. Of course, there is a limit to what we can do outwardly as individuals to change the world, and there is always a danger that worries about the world darken our own spirit, leading to anger and despair. Politics is necessary and even fascinating in a democracy, but it’s not everything, and overdone it can lead us too far out of the heart into the head. Whatever happens in the world, we can always kindle the light within, and however the horizontal currents of life ebb and flow, there is vertical current of being within us, that transcends events, and can grow and grow. The more we cultivate that light, feel that flow, float in that luminous sky, and fly as one of those shining stars, the less likely we are to be duped by unscrupulous purveyors of ignorance and cruelty. According to the Buddha the fragrance of virtue travels across the universe, helping to move the wheel of life forwards, invisibly, unseen, quietly, in the background, changing the paradigms of human consciousness. The more we bathe in that light, the more we see patterns, archetypes, and what Jesus called ‘the signs of the times’, speaking to us, whispering to our heart, ‘all is well, and all will be well’, so ‘pray, hope, and don’t worry’. 🙏🔥🧡🔥🙏


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