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Client Feedback

I'm loving the Reiki and the Yoga. It's the best thing I've done. My mind is more focused and I feel better about myself' - 18/5/24

Julie during Reiki session


Thank you Stephen! I feel amazing this morning, so peaceful and like I can breathe a little deeper somehow! - 12/3/24

Rachel after Reiki Treatment


One word. Transformed! - 26/3/24

Mark after yoga class


I used to have a pain from my neck to my shoulder all the time, but since the last massage  its gone and not come back - 13/3/24


The amazing thing is you always find the area in my back that needs attention - 6/3/24



Stephen, just a short note to reflect on our session. You are inspiring thankyou. You're so smart at links. You help me see the bigger picture. Thank you for your help and support - 7/2/24

Paul Johnson


I've been suffering from pain in my shoulder for ages. I felt a bit sore the day after the massage, but the pain has never come back again. Thanks so much! - 4/10/23



Thanks Stephen. I had my deepest sleep in a long time after your massage and my shoulder feels so free - 26/5/23


I haven't had any issues with my neck since your shoulder massage Stephen - 25/5/23



Thanks so much for the back massage Stephen. All the discomfort in the shoulder has completely gone - 15/5/23



Leg 100% better since Reflexology. Thank you once again. You're the best! - 27/4/23




I always looking forward to the Relaxation Day. Fantastic experience. Both massage and reiki, and would highly recommend to anyone. - 15/3/23


Hi Stephen. Ijust wanted to let you know my feet and back weren't hurting at all this morning and I slept like a baby. Thank you so much - 9/2/23



Hi Stephen. I just wanted to say thank you so much for our session on Monday, it was so lovely meeting you finally, and it was such a lovely day, thank you so much....I am looking forward to see the transformations and of course doing Reiki 2 with you in a few months time!! - 22/6/22


Stephen is an excellent yoga teacher he has written a number of books on Yoga used by many people . His services through the pandemic have been really helpful. A real professional.

Paul Johnson

When I began having reflexology from Stephen, I was in so much pain with a collapsed arch that it hurt to put my foot to the ground. After just a few sessions, the pain had gone and I felt so much better. I have had reflexology with him for several years now, and I thoroughly recommend him to anyone. It's a special time for me that I always look forward to.


Morning Stephen, I raced my first time back over in Norfolk last night, everything felt great. Thanks for your help. James.


I suffer from Spondulosis - Arthritis of the Spine and Neck. Before I had treatment with Stephen I had to use a lot of painkillers. Since regular treatments I've been able to cut right back on the painkillers. I've had lots of releif from back and neck pain. I also find the Reiki and Massage relaxing and uplifting to my mental condition.


Been going to yoga classes for more than 10 years. Love the class. There is meditation at the start, then Hatha yoga followed by relaxation. Class suitable for all abilities

Sue Sherratt

Fantastic Yoga classes with an instructor who knows what he's doing and is VERY knowledgeable. DON'T miss an opportunity to attend. Fantastic value and venue.


Really enjoying Zoom Yoga classes, highlight of my week through lock downs!

Christopher Webster

A really good yoga class for all abilities. Good mix of poses and very encouraging. All ages and any level.

Cheryll Minshull

I have been a customer of Steve’s for around 5 years. Steve brings such a wealth of knowledge to his Yoga classes and everyone at every level is made to feel welcome. He is completely dedicated to his work and is a great guy with a good sense of humour. Can’t praise him highly enough!! 🙏🏽

Kirstey Woolley

An excellent class in a warm, good size studio. Mixed ability and a friendly atmosphere. Stephen is an experienced teacher, very patient and knowledgeable who spends time with everyone throughout the class. I've been to several yoga classes and this is far the best. Great fun and enjoyable!

Paula Bennett

I’ve not yet attended Stephen’s yoga lessons on zoom but I have his Hatha Yoga for everyone which is a fantastic book. It’s so easy to understand and follow and the imagery of yoga poses by Stephen is stunning. I definitely recommend it.

Liz Nagra

This is a great book for those interested in starting to meditate and for more experienced practitioners. It covers all the basics (and more advanced practices) and unlike many (if not most) of the other books on the subject, includes methods from all of the world's major traditions. Highly recommended.

 Dr Jim Wilson - Reviewing Stephens Meditation Book

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