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Freedom is a feeling

Stephen in Side Plank Pose at sunset in Kephalonia

Here I am in Side-Plank Pose, lower leg Half Lotus variation, slightly trickier than upper leg lotus variation, from sunset in Kefalonia. While I was in Kefalonia, I was meditating on my bed, and there was an earthquake. The bed actually shook! In fact, it happened two days in a row, just as my meditations were getting intense. I was torn between feeling, channelling the energy, and wondering if I need to get out of the hotel! The first thought was a response of the soul, and the second a response of the body! Freedom doesn’t really apply to the body. Our body is never free. It is constantly enmeshed in a matrix of interconnections, that require it to do one thing or another for its survival. All the time we spend working to earn money relates to the body’s need to survive, and while we may wish to spend our life meditating, our body often has to run around, just to stand still in life. And yet while our body’s running our soul can be meditating, while our body is moving, our soul can remain still. Without our body we would never have the chance to be, and so all the struggle to survive is worth it, if we find some flow in life, some expression of those softer, higher, lighter feelings we associate with the soul or spirit. Beyond survival is success, and beyond success is the joy of service. Beyond the hard focus of hitting targets, is the soft flow of feeling elevation, expansion, or meaning, in moments when our heart comes alive. Freedom is a feeling, a feeling of flow, when our soul begins to shine, wherever we go. The feeling is within us, between us, and beyond us, but not limited to us. Freedom is within us, when we feel the river of presence flowing in our heart as peace, love, or light. Freedom is between us, when we connect heart to heart with synchronous people and events. Freedom is beyond us, when we go with the flow, beyond what we know.


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