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You can follow him as an Amazon author at: Stephen Webster: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle


For You Are the Light of the World:

Dr Jim Wilson

A gem for all meditators

This is a great book for those interested in starting to meditate and for more experienced practitioners. It covers all the basics (and more advanced practices) and unlike many (if not most) of of the other books on the subject, includes methods from all of the world’s major traditions. Highly recommended.

For Hatha Yoga for Everyone:

Just bought a second copy as my friend wanted my copy! Great yoga book, whether you’re new to yoga or experienced. I understand the author is now doing yoga on zoom and although I’ve not joined yet, I’ve heard he is great which doesn’t surprise me as the book is really easy to follow as well as having beautiful photography of him doing the poses. Definitely recommend him.

Liz Nagra


Hi Stephen, I received your book today. Thank you very much for your handwritten dedication…….Anyway I scanned the book and my first impression is: Wow!



What a nicely put together Yoga book, beautiful words and fantastic, colourful pictures! Thank you very much!


Good morning Steve, how are you doing? So...I've been reading your book over the last few weeks, it's very, very good and it's motivated me to get back to your sessions.


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