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We Grow in Spirals

Stephen in Revolved Triangle Yoga Pose at sunset in Pathos

Here I am in Revolved Triangle, long arm version, from sunset in Pathos. The 3-sided triangle, in two dimensions, as in a yantra, is a symbol of movement and dynamic action. The upwards triangle depicts ascent, as in a pyramid, and the downwards triangle depicts descent, as in grace and blessings flowing down. In living 3 dimensions of course, we actually ascend in spirals, because our base and foundation is not a straight line, or even the square of a pyramid, but actually the circles and cycles of nature and our body. Revolved triangle, with the extra spinal twist, depicts both the triangle and spirals of life, which are really the same thing, in different dimensions. Everything in nature, from particles to galaxies, are spiralling, spinning, and circling round a centre, and to the extent that we progress we do it through extending our circles into spirals, so that we move forwards and upwards, if we’re progressing, or downwards and backwards, if we’re regressing. Whenever we try to change our habits, or improve our performance, or raise our vibration, our mind jumps ahead in a straight line, but our body and lifestyle keeps circling back to its familiar patterns. Some people say give up on striving and just go with your bodies flow, but then you miss out on the opportunity that the vision of the mind presents. Others get angry with themselves because they’re body and life won’t fit into the idealised scheme their mind has invented. If we can blend the body and mind together, however, we learn to flow with our body’s cycles, but keep planting the mantric and yantric seeds, that transforms those downward spirals into ascending spirals. Blending our body and mind, becoming absorbed in just one thing, we start to experience a heart flow, a heightened presence, that takes us somewhere we hadn’t planned, as if held and led by a cosmic hand.

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