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Small body, big spirit

Stephen in Warrior Pose variation at Buckfast Abbey

Here I am in Warrior hands bound tip toe variation, from my recent trip to Buckfast Abbey. Against the backdrop of the huge Abbey, I look so small, and yet the vast Abbey was rebuilt by a few small humans like me, when at the turn of the 20thCentury, some monks decided to turn a dream into a reality. In yoga tradition they say that your physical body is small, your mental body is much larger, and your subtle spiritual body is vast, ultimately infinite and eternal, as it merges with the eternal being at the heart of all things. The evidence for this is that we can only do so much with our physical body, but our ideas can move millions of people, and someone’s life that touches people’s hearts, such as the founders of the great religions, can change billions of people for millennia. For at least 7 years I was closely connected to the Sufi tradition, and they used to say that in meditation we rise on the wings of detachment and independence. By detachment they meant taking a break, to let go of the concerns of life, so as to free the spirit for a moment. By independence they meant becoming free of dependencies, and rising instead on the buoyancy of the soul. Our body is magnetically attracted to the earth by the force of gravity. But our soul is attracted to the light of the sun, and beyond that the stars, where it feels the infinity of it’s being reflected. We tend to want more in life because we sense there is more to us than our particular, limited, material existence suggests, and our intuition is correct, except that name and fame, or wealth and wonders, won’t bring us the fulfilment we seek. The freedom of the stars is really within our heart, the stardom we seek is really a state of consciousness, where we feel the presence of peace, the flow of love, and the light of illumination, and we meet life in that state of grace every day.


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