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Stephen in Headstand Pose at Pathos

Here I am in Tripod Headstand, eagle legs variation, at sunset, in Pathos. Every night the sun disappears, before being born again the next morning. The moments of transition before sunset and after sunrise are the most beautiful. Every night, like the sun, we go to sleep, transitioning from our physical body, to our mental body, and in deep sleep, to our subtle body. As a child I used to wonder whether I would wake up, as sleep seems to be like death. We die to the day, to be reborn in the night, in another dream form, to which we die, to be born again, in our day body. As a living experience, we really don’t know how we transition from one state to another, we just do it naturally. We simply trust and let nature recycle our states. In yoga tradition it is said that deep sleep is the state of our soul except that it is unconscious, and so we really do transition into what people call ‘death’ as an experience, although our body is still alive. Through our day we also go through processes of death and rebirth as we transition from one role to another. One moment I’m a yoga teacher wearing one costume, another I’m a therapist in a different costume, another a taxi driver in jeans and a tea shirt, and other times I’m a writer looking casually smart in a coffee shop. Each role we perform, we blend with the people we are serving, becoming who others expect us to be. If we think about it deeply, we realise that our body isn’t really ours. It comes from and returns to the earth. Our thoughts aren’t really ours. We think in a language and culture we’ve inherited. Our contours are not really ours as we’re moulded by what flows in. The more we live from the heart rather than the head, from the flow of presence, rather than a construct of thoughts, we realise we are dying and being reborn all the time, with each breath, and with each pulse of the Cosmic Aum. 🙏🔥🧡🔥🙏


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