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Poised between the opposites

Stephen in Crouching Yoga Pose at sunset in Kephalonia

Here I am in Crouching Pose, also called Hands Bound Tip Toe Pose, also called Tip Toe Child Pose, bathing my lower back in the rays of the setting Kephalonian sun. This rather overlooked pose is great for stretching out the lower back if you’ve been standing for a long time, and if you’re suffering from back spasms relating to a pulled, recovering muscle. It’s a pose you can practise anywhere, anytime, even in a coffee queue! The stretch increases as you relax in position, your head sinking down onto your knees, poised between the opposites of activity and rest, stillness and flow, the ground and the sky, the sun and the sand. Without the opposites of life, nothing would work, and nothing would come into being. The opposites are our left and right, our ground and sky, our in-breath and out-breath, our expansion and contraction, our microcosm and macrocosm, our immanent being and our transcendent being, the God within and the God without. Foolishness is to take one side in the world of opposites, wisdom is to embrace both sides, and use the expanded heart energy that results to rise above the stormy weather, up into the unlimited, luminous sky. Life always involves both friction and effortless flow, both stress and creative inspiration, both fighting off the incoming missiles, with your back to the wall, and surfing on waves of synchronicity and serendipity. The more we know, the more we know we don’t know. The less we rely on our plans and ideas about life, and the more we yearn for that direct heartfelt contact with the fountain of presence, that rises from within in the state of absorbed awareness. However unrelentingly dismal the news appears to be, we shouldn’t let it touch our innermost being, or define our vibration. We are meant to glow, and that’s the only way we’ll grow, and help the world too.

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