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Hug Yourself, nurture your soul

Stephen in Cow Face Yoga Pose at Lake Wasdale

Here I am in Cow Face Pose, elbow hug variation, from my last trip to Lake Wasdale. The elbow hug increases the self-nurturing feeling of the pose. Yoga helps us reconnect inwardly so that we can shine more brilliantly. I recently heard on the radio a conversation between Ellie Goulding and Brian Eno, where they were discussing the difference between faith and hope. Faith, they were saying, is the understanding that things really are good, it’s just that we’ve got to realise it, whereas hope is the sense that things are really bad, but we hope they will get better. All the great affirmation teachers, all the way back to Jesus, taught that if you want something to happen, you need to believe it is already so. All the great awakening teachers teach that we don’t actually need to change anything to find happiness, we simply need to realise that happiness is already within us. Having said all that, if we don’t believe it, and most of us actually don’t, most of the time, we may need to go through a process, to re-establish our inner alignment, connection, and sense of buoyancy. One of the root causes for inner suffering is a sense of isolation, dislocation, and separation, not fitting in and not belonging. If our sense of inner drive and buoyancy is based on kidding ourselves that we do fit in and have a place, when everything around us is telling us we don’t, eventually we will fall down the black hole of our inner doubt. Usually, the feeling that you are a fish out of water is due to unresolved inner issues which have caused you to put yourself in the wrong place. For many people a sense of outer connection will begin with an experience of inner communion, when we discover we have a place in the universe where we do belong, where we’ve found our song, and we realise exactly how to meet the world, with our values upright and our spirit shining bright. 

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