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Merge With the Ground, Float in the Sky

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Stephen in Child Pose reverse prayer hands variation from his trip to Fuerteventura

Here I am in Child Pose, reverse prayer hands variation, from my last trip to Fuerteventura. The mountain in the distance, and the cloud hovering over it, evoke two of the feelings we cultivate in yoga—earthing the body like a mountain, and letting your spirit float free like a cloud in the sky. Child Pose is one of the classic recovery poses in which you can really let go of your body, feeling it dissolve into the ground, melting down and letting go. Sometimes it is called Folded Leaf Pose evoking this feeling of disappearing into the ground. It’s only when we let go of our body that our spirit can really float free like a cloud drifting across the sky. A good yoga sequence will leave students feeling light of foot, energised and floaty, rather than heavy of foot, tired and exhausted. While it looks easy, many people can’t kneel, many more can’t get their head on the ground, and many more can’t relax in position, so if you can, it’s a good indicator of good all-round flexibility and probably above average healthy body. The pose also stretches the lower back in a moderately deep way, so it can be a great part of a back recovery program after a back injury has stabilised but has become stiff and inflamed. The magic blend of yoga is that we don’t just sit still and do nothing, but we activate every part of the body in an all-round holistic physical sequence first, so that when we relax, the cells are highly activated, and our energy and spirit is buzzing. The more we express, the more we release, the more we energise and stimulate, and the more we awaken. The more we do with our body, the easier it is to let go of the body, and ride those rising currents of being, which can ascend like a flame, up into the sky, on into the stars, and into infinity, riding the waves of feeling and being.

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