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Find Your Flow, Feel Your Glow

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Stephen in Warrior Pose variation at sunset in Pathos

Here I am in Toppling Tree with Cow Face Pose arms, while the sun sets in Pathos. There’s only a few places along that seafront that work for yoga photos, with few people, a low tide, and a sunset view. When I started my yoga poses a women appeared and stared at me. I couldn’t read her expression without my glasses, so she might have been into what I was doing, or giving me the ‘you are on my patch’ look. I’ll never know, but whilst she was there, I couldn’t get into Eagle Pose, but when she left it was easy! Life is an impossible complexity until we find our way in life. Whatever is going on outside, if we know why we are doing, what we are doing, our path is clear, our step is sure, and our way is bright. When we find the golden thread of our life, the pole star around which everything else orientates, the heart purpose that is worth dedicating our body and mind to, things fall into place, and we can start to sculpture a beautiful life. My life came together one day when I sat in a school assembly aged 14 and the teacher read the story of Jonathan Livingstone Seagull. In the story a seagull gets bored of scavenging for food and decides to perfect flight instead. One day he goes so fast he catches fire and races to his doom, only to discover himself transformed into another dimension where he meets seagulls made of light, and he realises that he too has transformed into a being of light. Hearing this story, a thrill went up my spine, as if a light had suddenly switched on within me. I believed this story was somehow true. Arriving home and looking at my dad’s bookcase, I was drawn to a book of Buddhist scriptures, only to discover that people actually dedicate their lives to this inner journey. From this moment my life changed, and my quest began. Whenever I go to the seaside and see a Seagull, I think of that Seagull of light, my first prophet and teacher.

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