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Feet on the ground, but don’t stand still

Stephen in Wide-Legged Forward Bend Yoga Pose at Lake Wasdale

Here I am in Wide-Legged Forward Bend Cow Face arms variation, from my trip to Lake Wasdale. The first challenge with Wide-Legged forward bend is to get your head on the ground. So long as you have the arm strength, the further away from your body your head is, the easier it is to get the hand down. Then as your leg stretch increases, you can move your head closer to your feet. If your head and feet are close enough to both be on the mat, you can experiment with moving your hands from head support position, checking you’re not over-pressuring your neck. Cow face arms is one of many hands-free variations you can try. One of the conundrums of life is that in order to grow, we need to be dissatisfied enough to make a move and a change, but in order to be happy, the only moment is here and now, and so we need to be continually satisfied with every moment, if we ever want to be happy. The key to solving this dichotomy is to realise that we exist on different levels of being, the simplest model of which is body, mind, and soul. In our soul we can be happy with every eternal moment, flowing into our present, whilst working for a better future with our body and mind. In fact, it’s only when we make that heart connection within, that we get the energy we need to make a creative move, without. It’s when we act from the causal plane of our soul, rather than the causal chain of action and reaction, that we can really make a difference. Happiness doesn’t come from circumstances. It comes from opening the heart and connecting to our soul, and realising what makes us flow. We can flow in poverty, and we can flow in wealth, we can flow in company, and we can flow in isolation. When the present becomes presence, through the practise of focus and flow, we float, fly, and become free, happy with what’s happening, and ready to make things happen.


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