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Hatha Yoga For Everyone by Stephen Webster

Hatha Yoga For Everyone by Stephen Webster

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Paperback - 250 pages - Published October 2020


22-44-100 Pose All Abilities Sequence

With over 2 decades experience of teaching mixed ability yoga classes, Stephen shares a 22-44 pose sequence, that an average shape person can

learn and integrate with a busy life, practising once or twice a week. With extensions and variations, 100 poses are covered. Stephen includes suitable warm-ups, precautions and simple steps, limiting himself to the quick instructions he actually uses with students.


Five Elements Hatha Yoga Class Process

Taking us into the deeper holistic processes of a Hatha Yoga class, Stephen ex - plains how a yoga sequence of meditation, flowing movements, holding poses and relaxation can takes us on a journey symbolised by the five natural elements, into a balanced and subtly buoyant state.


Inclusive Spirituality

Drawing on yoga’s classic texts and the world’s great spiritual traditions, Stephen explores further the spiritual dimension of yoga, affirming it is an inclusive tradi - tion that can be harnessed to any positive spiritual belief system, to facilitate a more vital experience. Rather than a belief system, yoga is a current contained in a series of techniques, that flow like water through all life affirming spiritual traditions.


Full Colour Illustrations In Beautiful Locations

The book is illustrated throughout with poses in beautiful places, to capture the spirit of each asana. Reading this book is rather like attending one of Stephen’s classes. You turn up for a bit of a stretch and come out with so much more.

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