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Visit me at my treatment room in Birchwood Warrington.

All treatments 28 per hour and may go over at no extra charge with necessary consultation
Reiki Treatments
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Natural Japanese healing system to balance, deeply relax, release and energise the body and spirit. Deeply soothing music is played and the hands are held in different positions on the fully clothed body bringing a natural healing. Clients often experience emotional release, deep feelings of rest and elevation and the sensation of being profoundly nurtured.
Reiki Training
Reiki 1 Attunement Day - 95
Reiki 11 Attunement Day - 105
Reiki Master Training - 265
The healing method of Reiki is passed on from teacher to student by a process of training and attunement. Originally in Japan this probably happened through an apprenticeship system but as the system evolved and spread outside Japan via a Japanese American Hawayo Takata the training occurred via seminars or Reiki days which include the attunement ceremony. Three levels have evolved. Reiki 1 teaches you to heal yourself and others via physical presence. Reiki 2 to send healing over distances and use the symbols. Reiki 3 - the Master Level - to teach and attune other people. Click here for more details.
Reiki in Warrington